In the silent abyss, where darkness reigns,
A cosmic symphony, the heart sustains.

From the void, whispers of truth we seek,
The language of stars, to the soul they speak.

A tapestry of fate, woven with cosmic thread,
The cycle of life, in celestial rhythm, is led.

The dance of atoms, in harmony and discord,
A ballet of forces, as the universe moves forward.

A single breath, that shatters the veil of time,
Unveiling the truth, in the eternal chime.

The vast expanse, where questions arise,
A journey through the cosmos, as wisdom we surmise.

In the ocean of existence, we drift and explore,
Seeking the shore of knowledge, as the unknown we implore.

The birth and death, of stars and dreams,
A cosmic ballet, as creation teems.

A moment of stillness, in the heart of the storm,
Where love and compassion, take their celestial form.

The edge of infinity, where shadows play,
A realm of possibility, where hope holds sway.

In the deepest corners, of the boundless unknown,
A seed of truth, in the darkness, is sown.

In the silence of the void, the answers we find,
The mystery of existence, in the heart and the mind.


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