Conclusion of Everything

#0.5 Quantum Computers << Back

This is more of a start, than an end. If space-time permits, I shall follow up with more posts, specific to the topics I touched upon. For the time being, I shall leave the reader with the following metaphysical imagery:

“There is a pool of ‘consciousness’ – the fluid. Pipes of it are drawn out from that pool. A lump of consciousness within itself can share information. But since these many pipes are drawn out form the pool, the lumps get separated and cannot interact with each other. These pipes eventually end into the same pool. The constraints that these lumps are put through while they work their way across the pipe, results into experience.”

Do I not sound like a certain Indian book, part of a greater epic tale?
Or do I sound like a certain Indian price, who attained his wisdom under a Bodhi tree?
Can you see the analogy here?

Eventually, it is all about analogies.

“Space-time is like some simple and familiar system which is both intuitively understandable and precisely analogous, and if I were Richard Feynman I’d be able to come up with it.”

This post series was a time warp from the original blog post here.

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