Cognition and The Theory of Everything

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The theory of everything is about a complete representation of how reality actually works. But what is reality? Our definitions of reality are synonymous with what we perceive through our senses. When you hold a cup of tea in your hand, you do not really think about whether it is actually there or not.

Of course there is good evolutionary reason why it is so. If you were a dear and saw a lion approach you, doubting what you perceived as reality would not really help you much. Evolution does not favor philosophers, in general. We shall question the association and analogy between what we see and what is real in another post.

But either way, it is you who is looking at your computer, moving your eye across this sentence trying to make any sense of it. You do exist. It would be unfair to exclude YOU from the theory of everything. Eventually, you sense this world. Shouldn’t YOU be of greater importance in it?

The paradoxes inscribed within quantum theory indicate that there is more to the observer (YOU) than what meets the eye. Every system in quantum mechanics is a bubble of possibilities which pops to one result, only when observed. While instrumentalists would disagree with my next argument, as a realist I cant help but visualize reality.

The implication – reality does not exist how we know it until someone observes it. In a way, does it not indicate that our brain does not experience reality, but somehow creates it ?  Coming to think of it, it is us who have observed this world all this while. 

While the Earth may not be the center of the solar system or the known universe the sum total of human brains might just be so.

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