About Everything

It is really difficult to write about everything.

The first problem is particularly peculiar. Where does one even start? The axiom of choice? There are many ways to write. But there are even more ways to write about everything.

One could start writing bullets on everything.

  • Describe it as a strategy consultant would;
  • Try to stay mutually exclusive collectively exhaustive;
  • But there are infinite ways to structure this case;
  • Yet only one structure fits closest to reality.
  • Unless there are multiple realities.

But everything is made up of multiple realities and more.

One could try writing a story on everything. After all, the universe isn’t made up of atoms. It is made up of stories. The atom itself is a beautiful story as many instrumentalists have been telling us along the way.

Are stories made up of atoms? Not necessarily. Sometimes they are made of light. Like this beam on your screen:

The story of everything is a weird one indeed.

I once tried to narrate a story about everything. It was challenging. Where does one even start? And where does one even end? Stories have a beginning and an ending. Reality does not. And everything is both plus some more.

There are things in everything which have a beginning. Then there are things within those things which have an ending. Some of those things make for nice stories. Most of those stories cannot be narrated in finite time.

Hence it is always better to demonstrate everything than to write about.

Everything is made up of some atoms for sure. Atoms can exert forces that words cannot. But the number of atoms would not be enough to demonstrate everything, for everything includes all of those atoms. And the extra ones that You and i can imagine.

And more.

Everything may or may not have a beginning. One has to be open to possibilties when writing About Everything. It may or may not have an ending. One has to be closed to possibilities at the same time.

I have always wanted to write about everything.

But where does one even start? 0

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