Now imagine the universe
as a cup of coffee.

When the cream and coffee are separate,
it’s simple and organized
it’s low entropy.

When you mix them together,
it’s high entropy and
everything is disorganized
and mixed together.
But it’s in the middle,
when swirls of cream are mixing
into swirls of coffee,
that you get this

But where does this complexity come from?

Everything is constantly moving towards greater chaos and randomness. Imagine that the universe is a giant puzzle with pieces scattered on a table.
Each piece represents a particle or a bit of energy,
the entire puzzle represents the entire universe.

As time goes on pieces of the puzzle naturally start to shift and move around. They bump into each other and slide against each other, and eventually, they start to fall into place and form patterns and structures. These patterns and structures represent the complexity we see.
Temporary pockets of order in a universe
moving towards greater disorder.

But eventually, as the pieces continue to shift and move around,
the patterns and structures will break down
and dissolve back into the chaos of a high entropy state.
The puzzle will be complete,
with all the pieces scattered randomly on the table once again.
This process is not a one-time occurrence.

That’s where we come in.
As human beings, we are the intricate swirls in the cup of coffee.
We are the little epiphenomena that occur along the way,
from a simple no entropy past to a simple no entropy future.

We are the complexity along the way:

2 responses to “Complexity”

  1. Ingenious!
    Alan Watt’s- “You are the big bang” also comes to the mind after reading this.


  2. Wow, makes sense, human beings
    ..something that the whole universe is doing, in the same way that a wave is something the whole universe is doing.” – Alan Vats


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