Races in Amusement Parks

“The trouble with being in a rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Someone wise.

We are all rats. But not ordinary rats. We no more like cheese. We like to race. Life has become a rat race. We seldom know what we’re chasing. But we cannot afford to stop and think. There is no time to waste in thinking. Thinkers are mostly losers in rat races.

And that is why I love this day so much. New Years’s eve – 31st December 2011, the day when society stops racing. People reflect back into the past cherishing good memories and learning from bitter ones. They stare into the dark future, setting course for the next cycle of seasons.

For me, 2011 started off with the most amazing times spent in my dear hostel wing. Countless crazy nights passed by over jam sessions and poker tables. A classic April Fool prank made it to the Hindustan Times frontpage. And better still, overnight discussions over every interesting topic in life. India won the grandest cup! The end of college. The longest summer vacation ever. And finally, the life in office.

Not to forget the themes playing in the background. The sounds of silence asking for change. 2011 was all about change. The change from IIT Bombay to Morgan Stanley. The change from Patna to New Delhi. The change from Powai to Goregaon. And the change in certain people. Lost a few people for the greater good. Met some others in return. Lastly, the accompanying change in myself.

It is good to reflect back. But before you can start thinking about the future, your iPhone starts beeping. And there are unread messages on the Blackberry again. The rat race is still on.

“Life was much better when Apple and Blackberry were simply fruits.”

The fruits can wait. Life is not a race. It is more of a fair. A theme park, like Essel World or Disney Land. You can choose the rides you like, and then ride them again. Sadly we only get one day at the park. Choosing the rides is tough, but it still sounds better than the race.

Which ride should I take?*

Maybe Google will help me choose. But wait, 10 more unread emails! 20 more blogs on Google Reader! The rides will have to wait.

Hopefully in 2012, I will stop caring about hi-definition retina displays and start caring about my other resolutions. Until then, I have unread emails to read and a facebook status to update.

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