Order and Chaos

Order arises from rules, written and foretold. Implicitly or explicitly followed with reckless abandonment of diligent thought.

Fortunately or otherwise, order is maintained by those in power. For themselves, disguised under the pretext of greater good – a delicate balancing act.

Order also brings inertia, the resistance to change. It’s a poison pill fed to outliers so that the mean can prosper and flourish.

Order is like a staircase. Conquered one diligent step at a time, followed by a gradual rise towards the pinnacle unseen, yet not unheard of.

But change is inevitable. And it starts with a gradual imbalance of forces until they’re big enough to collide. The vessel brews with pressure over time, reluctant to give in or give out.

And when it ruptures, order is lost.

Disorder asks for a leap of faith. Acknowledged beliefs are questioned and corrected. Most who jump swivel downwards and collide headfirst into a dense heap of abandoned skeletons.

But some learn to fly.

And it is those who fly, who eventually set off to build yet another staircase.

For while the staircases exist, nobody shall dare to fly.

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